The Collection Reveal Countdown Starts Now!

Hi friends!

At the end of last year, we announced that Nine Golden Swans had a fine jewelry collection in the works…

Fast-forward about 6 months to now and we’ll be unveiling the finished collection THIS WEEK! Just 3 days to go until the big reveal.

(Imagine massive silk draperies being whisked away to reveal glorious jewels beneath… except in a more Instagram-friendly sort of way. ?)

Here’s what’s coming…

✨ We’ll be sharing a first look at the entire collection via Instagram this Thursday, May 27 at 8pm Central time.

✨ You’ll get to know the stories behind the designs, and each piece will get its moment in the spotlight.

✨ After the collection debut, our shop doors will open the following week on Thursday, June 3.

See you Thursday!

Mark your calendar so you don’t miss the first look at our first collection!

We’ve put together an extra-special “show” for the reveal and hope you’ll tune in.

(And if you haven’t already, now’s the time to follow @ninegoldenswans and turn on post notifications to get instant updates!)

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