10 Best iDevAffiliate Alternatives To Try In 2021

Since you are looking for iDevAffiliate alternatives, it would be safe to assume that you are aware of what affiliate programs are. Let’s give a brief introduction anyway.

An Affiliate program or an Associate program is a relationship where a merchant pays you (the “affiliate”) for links that connect to his site from your site. Generally, the affiliate is paid only when a genuine deal is made by the merchant because of your connection.

This sort of marketing is called Pay Per Action (PPA) since the affiliate isn’t paid for conveying the dealer’s promotional link or ad on his site, he gets paid only when a visitor plays out a specific activity (visits merchant website and purchases something).

You shouldn’t anticipate tracking down a general Affiliate Marketing Software administration that will fulfill all of your requirements. Notable programming like iDevAffiliate may have great functionalities yet in any case not fulfill your business necessities.

To discover ideal iDevAffiliate choices, invest some energy contrasting the advantages of different iDevAffiliate alternatives offered by contenders that we have curated for you.

Here are the Best iDevAffiliate Alternatives:


KARTRA: iDevAffiliate Alternative

Your online business requires a lot of various arrangements that should be well taped together, frequently prompting baffling outcomes.

You know the torment: your checkout page will not add your clients to your mailing list, or your helpdesk gateway will not associate with your contacts data set, etc. Absolutely baffling, and utter waste of time. Well, not anymore!

At the point when you run numerous stages connected, you have different possible places of disappointment. The more connections in the chain, the higher the odds that one of them will at last break.

To exacerbate the situation, you’d need to contact a different support group for every one of those additional items. Now just imagine what if this customer support is not up to the mark and is not able to help you out. What would you do then?

Kartra, as an all-in-one environment that takes care of such issues. Every one of the individual areas of Kartra is woven together so they flawlessly communicate with one another, without needing specific integrations at all.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro: Alternative To iDevAffiliate

Post Affiliate Pro is one of the considerable iDevAffiliate alternatives. It is at the top of its game for Commissions, Campaigns, and Reports.

Post Affiliate Pro furnishes online stores and internet business sites with an incredible arrangement that assists them with tracking and screening their member organization.

With Post Affiliate Pro, overseeing partner advertisers turns a bit simpler particularly when the organization becomes colossal and their numbers develop.

Post Affiliate Pro is an adaptable affiliate application that permits you to completely modify it to your necessities. It upholds an assortment of affiliate link styles and you can without much of a stretch pick the most appropriate affiliate link style for your necessities, with a solitary click.

Its tracking methods include custom affiliate tracking code, direct links tracking, forced matrix, fraud protection, multiple currencies, and private campaigns.

With even the least expensive version of Post Affiliate Pro, you can characterize a limitless number of campaigns, and track different campaigns that are running for your shop or site.

One version of Post Affiliate Pro permits you to follow campaigns running on a limitless number of sites and various domains.

Some unique features of this application include real-time analytics and monitoring.  It also has a system for content and employee referral management.


Tune: iDevAffiliate Alternative

The tune makes the business’ most adaptable stage for overseeing marketing associations across the internet and phones.

At one stage, you can boost ROI from onboarding through payout with your most significant accomplices — affiliates, organizations, influencers, agencies, and some other business advancement connections.

This is one of the iDevAffiliate alternatives which offers flawless platform migration for users that are newly enrolling for their services. They ensure timely deliveries for all existing campaigns and preservation of all data and management systems from the earlier platform.

If you are an advertiser Tune will provide a system for partner management along with fraud prevention. They also have completely secure payment gateways.

For networks, it provides scope for limitless scalability, advanced automation, and also real-time data streaming.

Some of its unique features include management of multiple sites simultaneously, tracking of user interaction, and time spent by a visitor on-site. It also helps with lead management. It doesn’t get better than Tune to start building your affiliate network.


TapFiliate: Alternative To iDevAffiliate

Tapfiliate is one of the greatest iDevAffiliate alternatives, it works in three simple steps. Firstly, you will have to set up which goes on very seamlessly, next you have to recruit your affiliates and that’s it! You will start getting promoted.

Tapfiliate makes it extremely simple for you to expand your social reach across the internet with engaging and branded content. It provides you with personal referral links and coupons along with managing other brand materials.

TapFiliate provides you with several white-labeled affiliate pages. It supports 6 different affiliate languages. Their recurring commission feature has been successful in attracting a lot of clients and influencers.

They incentivize their affiliates by providing bonuses and perks based on the number of conversions and/or conversion amount.

Some unique features of it are the creation of detailed reports and analytics in real-time. It has excellent tools for activity tracking and employee referrals.


CAKE: iDevAffiliate Alternative

Trusted by no less than 500 advertisers, organizations, and publishers across 50+ nations, CAKE’s Affiliate Marketing Software guarantees exact estimation. It also offers information security and unparalleled help to draw in new accomplices and assemble productive connections.

This iDevAffiliate alternative will enhance your affiliate marketing program through tracking via real-time into partner and campaign execution, adaptable alerts, granular information, and special commission designs to remunerate partners.

It will let you leverage custom target brackets like area, device, browser, traffic covers, and redirects for constant monetization of traffic and guarantee exact estimation for every impression, click, and conversion for legitimate income and payout attribution.

CAKE guarantees protection for your business and partner associations. It also has a limitless scope for scalability across new verticals and adaptable click volumes.

Omnistar Affiliate

Omnistar Affiliate: Alternative To iDevAffiliate

Omnistar gives affiliate programming to developing organizations of all sizes. Any association hoping to expand its client base can go through Omnistar to set and manage its own referral program.

Intended for referral promoting services and as well as specialists, Omnistar assists organizations with understanding the advertising capability of their current clients. The referral programming gives developing businesses every one of the apparatuses they need to make and deal with their own referral program.

With Omnistar, organizations can make their own client reference programs. Site guests and clients can join by entering their email addresses. They’re ready to quickly “share” the business’ profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Any successful deals sent by these referral partners will be followed naturally by Omnistar. Organizations can decide to remunerate their reference accomplices in any capacity that they choose; by paid commission or gift card, for instance. Limits, coupons, and challenges can likewise be utilized to boost references.

Managers can see deals and click statistics and commission invoices from their focal administrator dashboard. On the other hand, referral partners can monitor their procured prizes progressively from their own referral partner dashboard.

Ominstar’s affiliate programs are an amazing and reasonable advertising device for any developing business.


Refersion: iDevAffiliate Alternative

Refersion is a referral tracking application that assists you with dealing with your partner’s marketing program. It also helps you scale your growing organization and track sales.

You can also monitor your outreach group, partners, and client referrals across this single app. Increase your list of partners with methods, for example, the Post-Purchase Channel to consequently add clients as affiliates from their directory called Refersion Marketplace.

You can gather appropriate details from newcomers with your customizable member enrollment page along with adding, changing, and supporting new affiliates with our mass activities tools and more.

Interface your PayPal account to Refersion to pay members straightforwardly from the application, or utilize an alternative payment method.

With your far-reaching dealer dashboard, you can track program action like active affiliates, site visits and incoming deals as the Latest Activity feed is the heartbeat of your program.

Would you say that you are rewarding your VIP affiliates for their endeavors? Top Performers will help you watch out for your program’s rockstars. Your affiliate partners can likewise follow their referral activities continuously by getting access to their own customized dashboards.



LeadsPedia is one of the best iDevAffiliate alternatives which permits clients to catch, approve, and convey leads, oversee members, track and course inbound calls, see continuous reports, and that’s just the beginning.

Clients can choose from numerous income and payout models for use with affiliates, including PPA (pay per activity), PPC (pay per click), PPL (pay per lead), PPM (pay per thousand impressions), fixed payout, and income share.

LeadsPedia also offers different tools for preventing fraud, for example, referral URL and IP address blocking. It also offers click-to-conversion time monitoring, IP coordinating among clicks and conversions, and much more.

LeadsPedia empowers clients to catch explicit lead data through custom fields. This can be sifted by campaigns, offers, affiliates, or customers. Fields can be planned dependent on the particular necessities of their customers, to guarantee leads match customers’ prerequisites.

LeadsPedia incorporates devices for the lead check, with custom guidelines and information fields, for email addresses, IP addresses. They also incorporate devices for road addresses, ZIP codes, region codes, and telephone numbers.

Clients can also set custom guidelines for lead approval, to eliminate fake or invalid information, and confirm the authenticity of telephone numbers. Clients can also segregate leads by area utilizing ZIP codes. They can also approve the pertinence of items or administrations to explicit leads.

Once approved, leads can be conveyed to customers through numerous strategies, including email, SOAP, group conveyance, HTTP and HTTPS post, SMS, and more, and conveyance can be planned through adjustable lead directing principles, with the capacity to set caps dependent on verticals, areas, and time zones.



LeadDyno is a very straightforward and one of the significant iDevAffiliate alternatives.

One can add, oversee and track affiliates in a couple of clicks. You can easily repay your affiliates rapidly and easily, on your timetable (quarterly, month to month, and so on). You can easily repay your affiliates by utilizing Paypal, Dwolla, Recurly, or a custom webhook.

LeadDyno simplifies the process of turning your customers into your affiliates. You can integrate social sharing links into your application or exploit LeadDyno’s viral email follow-up framework.

You can drive commitment with your affiliates through social campaigns. Drive custom, SEO-accommodating content out through your affiliate program with the least effort.

Another great feature is LeadDyno’s member dashboard which is completely adjustable and embeddable.



ShareASale is one of the affiliate marketing tools that empower dealers to interface with an organization of established Affiliates.

Performance Marketing is quite possibly the most remarkable and compelling client obtaining apparatuses accessible to an online Merchant. As a Merchant – you choose the commission structure to pay – and pay only when results come in.

Affiliates gain access to an organization of merchants with various sorts of items that they are selling – and each is commission’s affiliates on deals that they bring to vendors. It provides powerful solutions for merchants, affiliates as well as agencies.

It offers some unique custom tools such as recruitment tools, influencer activation, attribution solutions. And it also offers some other custom tools like custom short links, storefronts, make-a-page, compliance, and product discovery bookmarklet.


When it comes down to it, your patience will be genuinely tested when you’re trying to track down a dependable Affiliate Marketing Software arrangement. It won’t just accommodate your necessities but will also be easy on your pockets.

If you study all the iDevAffiliate alternatives, you need to focus not only on the functionalities but also on the wide scope of components including available plans, nature of customer support, supported devices, and integrations.

After spending an ample amount of time exploring you ought to have the option that will cater to all your requirements at a modest expense.

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