Top 10 Tools To Automate Workflow

How many times in your day-to-day life have you caught yourself thinking along the lines of “If This Then That”? Countless times, right? Now imagine if there was an automated service that could do this for you! Well, there is. An “If This Then That” service actually runs on quite a simple framework. All you have to do is, give it predefined cases for – when an event occurs (If) then do something else (That). It’s a fundamental structure, yet one that affects basically anything with the principle of logical reasoning. There are a few options available in the market as IFTTT alternatives.

A significant number of them are open source and accessible locally on the off chance that you would like to review the code that you’ll use to add to the convenience factor and personal satisfaction upgrades that task automation can give.

We have curated a list of the best applications and websites like IFTTT for you to make full use of!


Zapier: IFTTT Alternative

Zapier is the most popular option that can be used instead of IFTTT today. This useful asset works almost exactly like IFTTT. With this innovation, you can join applications and gadgets to trigger explicit results from specific occasions. 

With Zapier, you use its feature “Zaps” to associate various services and tools. This arrangement focuses on clients wanting to make a complex succession of events. There’s a bunch of help for specialty mixes; also, you have the opportunity of going through three distinctive evaluating choices.

The complementary plan confines you to making applications with just two stages. There’s likewise a breaking point to which applications you can interface. Their plan of $20 per month lets you link unlimited steps with up to 750 applications.

The key highlights of this app include some incredible integration of applications, a phenomenal scope of automation options, specialized support plan for you. To stop this, they also have a simple-to-utilize and easy-to-understand user interface.


Huginn: IFTTT Alternative

Huginn is a framework for building specialists that perform automated errands for you on the web. They can browse the web, watch for occasions, and make moves that are sure to benefit you.

Huginn’s Agents make and devour events, spreading them along with a coordinated graph. It is basically like a hackable version of Zapier or IFTTT. Plus, it is on your own server! Since it is on your own server, you can always know who has access to your information – and that is one person, YOU!

Some key features of Huginn are that it is entirely customizable and is the perfect alternative to IFTTT with regards to event management. It even provides Jira integration.

It provides automation throughout the workflow very effectively. To list a few examples, Huginn can help you receive an email whenever your weather app detects that it is going to rain. The email can be completely customizable like “Looks like it’s going to rain tomorrow” 

You can also get a customized alert whenever there is some activity happening on the hashtags that you follow on Twitter.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow

In the event that your working environment as of now runs off an assortment of Microsoft applications, why not utilize a Microsoft tool to connect them all together? 

Microsoft Flow is an incredible option in contrast to IFTTT for individuals who have a Microsoft-hefty working system. With this advantageous apparatus, business pioneers can connect different services together utilizing appropriate work processes.

Every one of the connections and applications you need come coordinated into set classifications. Moreover, you can look at your applications and integrations from a cell phone application as well. 

There’s a satisfactory trial plan which takes into consideration up to 750 integrations each month. The key highlights of this app include limitless flow creation alternatives, free support for a maximum of 750 tasks each month.

Along with these, it comes with a simple utilized user interface as mentioned earlier, functions admirably with Microsoft tools.


Integromat: IFTTT Alternative

Integromat will mechanize processes that you at present handle physically. It is not just equipped for interfacing applications but can also transform and move data. It is one of the best IFTTT Alternatives at present.

Integromat works 24 hours, all seven days of the week, and doesn’t need your presence. Just set Integromat to do what you need and let it work for you. You can sit back and relax or invest your time in something else!

Some interesting features of this include a clean design, integration with Google, Slack integration, and quick automation. Integromat is a Software as a Service and a great alternative to IFTTT.

It is a solid business tool, but we will still say that there’s some room for improvement. It definitely does provide some very beautiful options for automation.

Integromat can be connected with nearly all apps and services. They also provide you with some pre-made templates and also unlimited steps in any of your integrations.

This alternative for IFTTT provides you with a visual builder for your workflow and even has attractive free trials for users that are just starting out. It boasts of the highest number of automated apps amongst all other IFTTT alternatives

Elastic is an electronic answer for apps and API computerization. With this advantageous apparatus, business pioneers can integrate all that they work with on a regular basis. You can connect your Amazon store to your CRM tool. Or even interface your email service to your sales platform. is one of the more costly alternatives to IFTTT accessible today, with costs beginning at around $220 each month. That makes it much more of a top-notch choice than IFTTT.

Simultaneously, it’s significant that this assistance is somewhat more convoluted than its rivals. Even though it is more complex, it is important to note that it is completely worth the price when it comes to their services. 

Fortunately Elastic is superb for those with knowledge of development and coding. It gives you a lot of opportunities to fabricate the ideal work processes.

This alternative for IFTTT also offers abundantly available connectors and is amazing for individuals with technical knowledge. It provides integrations with email and also your own connectors. To top all this, it comes with an extremely easy-to-understand use interface.

UI.Vision RPA

Vision RPA: IFTTT Alternative

UI.Vision RPA is a type of browser extension that robotizes web and desktop applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The UI.Vision RPA programming center is open-source and ensures Enterprise-Grade Security. 

UI.Vision RPA’s PC vision visual UI testing functions permit you to compose robotized visual tests – this makes the RPA programming the solitary Chrome and Firefox extension that, you could say, has eyes!

A gigantic advantage of doing visual tests is that you are not simply checking one component or two components at a time, you’re actually checking an entire segment or page in one visual attestation. 

The RPA programming cannot just see and automate everything inside the internet browser. In layman’s terms, it utilizes a similar picture and text acknowledgment innovation to computerize your work area also (Robotic Process Automation, RPA).

Its eyes can understand pictures on your desktop and its hands can enter text and click.



Workato is one more of the most well-known IFTTT alternatives available. This helpful application joins the usefulness from different focal points in your business work process into a solitary application.

There’s a natural interface where you can make workflows as quickly as Flash! And what’s better? There is no coding required.

Assuming you’re searching for a speedy method to unite different services, Workato should be your priority. The free plans focus on people that need to automate individual errands, which implies that it may not be ideal for big businesses.

An additional feature is the exception work community available on Workato which permits you to find new and energizing plans. You get incredible security with Workato, guaranteeing that your information and applications stay safe.

Some more of the key highlights of this IFTTT alternative includes several complex workflow options and conditional triggers to choose from. It also boasts of a large community and personalized workflows.

Overall, you will never have to worry about your privacy and security as it is highly encrypted and keeps your data secure.



Tasker is an application for Android which performs Tasks (sets of Actions) in light of Contexts (application, time, date, GPS, gesture, occasion) in client characterized Profiles, or in an interactive home screen icon.

This basic idea significantly expands the control of your Android gadget and its capacities, without the requirement of root or a unique home screen.

Tasker boasts of more than 180 inbuilt functions available over a range of more than 10 categories.

Some of the interesting functions it can perform include – giving you notifications in the form of flash, LED or vibration patterns; it can kill, load or even open any other app on its own and several other automated functions. There’s even a 7-day free trial version available for Android users!


ActionDesk: IFTTT Alternative

ActionDesk is yet another brilliant alternative for IFTTT. It hangs out in the scene as an IFTTT alternative since it’s customized all the more explicitly to the necessities of big business organizations.

Actiondesk gives non-technical groups of any type of business climate foster data-driven and computerized work processes.

You can import information, control data, and even create and export reports. Actiondesk incorporates a lot of things including HubSpot to Salesforce, making it ideal for deals and management. To ensure that your software is functioning at the top level, you are also granted access to updates regularly.

Actiondesk isn’t the most exceptional computerization apparatus available, which implies that you will not be able to use all sorts of available integrations. In any case, it’s an incredible IFTTT alternative for people that are just starting out with this service. 

Some of its exceptional highlights include the fact that it can create a very effective amalgamation of sales and marketing services. Its search functionality is superior and helps in conserving time.

It is friendly with a number of environments making it easier to import data from them. Lastly, it has a beautiful and simple user interface.


Scriptable: IFTTT Alternative

Very much like you can get IFTTT alternatives for Android, you can discover them for iOS as well. Scriptable is an amazing computerization application that aids designers and PC specialists to compose scripts.

Those scripts can later be incorporated with the local features of an iPhone or iPad. 

Scriptable utilizes JavaScript as its primary language. Assuming you feel comfortable around JavaScript, you can utilize it to make several automated tasks.

For example, you may ask Siri to automatically read out your schedule for the day after your alarm goes off every morning. Similarly, Siri can also play your favorite songs each morning.

Scriptable is of more use for your personal requirements rather than a big business. However, even businesses can make good enough use of it.

Some of its excellent features include being ideal for people who are always on the move, people with knowledge of Javascript can take full advantage of it. Apart from these, it is very simple to use with a user-friendly interface and works very well on iOS.


It would definitely be wrong to say that all alternatives for IFTTT have reached their full potential. It is dynamic and evolving at every stage.

There are still many errors like having fewer broken apps that need to be fixed. Also, It can provide more pre-bundled applet suites and better functionality. 

IFTTT services can see a huge boost in terms of integration with products like Apple’s Siri, OK Google and Amazon’s Alexa. Choosing the best IFTTT alternative for your personal or professional use is not simple in any way.

However, in most cases, you will never be able to find a single service that will be able to sort out all your requirements. However, IFTTT alternatives may be able to help you out.

In the event that you need to have the option to follow everything from your Facebook shop to your bookkeeping programming in the same work environment, at that point you’ll have to work IFTTT.

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