TITAN Salesforce integration Review: Complete & Detailed Review

Time for you to embrace the unprecedented

When it comes to building an informative and intriguing form with a blend of easy-to-use features, TITAN will certainly top the list. The platform is committed to facilitating its users with a state-of-the-art Salesforce/SAP. When you have to develop a form, TITAN is the platform that you can rely on since it is undeniably fast and can easily be integrated with Salesforce.

It happens in just a click, and gone are the days when you had to struggle for a longer period of time just to create a satisfactory form. Bi-directional integration to Salesforce facilitates the users with developing smart forms in a short time with higher efficiency. You can also generate interactive documents solely based on the data, followed by getting users to schedule events and making changes in them accordingly.

Stakes are raised significantly with TITAN Integrations for Salesforce

The users of TITAN have surged dynamically, and the trend has caught up with the exquisite features that have made the process of creating forms considerably easier. It is exclusively built by Salesforce Integrations along with SAP architects and is highly acclaimed as an ideal document merge tool.

The users have this captivating feature of adjusting just about anything and anywhere on the page. Once you get to use the platform, you will realize that it is extremely flexible to use, and you also receive robust support service in case you get stuck somewhere. You will always find a solution to almost anything that curtails your progress, and the tools that you get access to makes it even more simplistic and highly compatible.

Form Titan Review

Why do you need TITAN?

We all need to make certain forms as a part of our job role or to conduct research. But the platforms that we use don’t necessarily cater to all the needs of the users and especially when the form has to be built with diversified information. Well, TITAN is here just to facilitate you with each option or set of options that you want to build your form through. It provides the users with a holistic experience and absorbs the diversified needs quite exquisitely. But, here’s something you need to know, TITAN goes way beyond just creating forms.

It is predominantly a cloud-based tool that can be efficiently used for the purpose of developing web forms online. Furthermore, it doesn’t take long to create the desired version of the forms, and you can be done with the process within minutes. The platform provides a user-friendly experience, and even novices can explore TITAN without any hassle. You are not left rudderless since it is significantly easier to use, and the output thus generated is inevitably satisfactory.

It just doesn’t end here

TITAN delivers far beyond the ordinary form creation and scheduling. You will find all the necessary implications of TITAN in this article and how it makes your work way easier. Some of the features that the platform exclusively offers are highlighted below:

  • Field Prefill
  • Pushing Data
  • Salesforce Document merge
  • Salesforce Docs generation
  • Microsoft Word add-in
  • Bi-Directional
  • Stunning layout
  • Conditional logic
  • Payment Integration and many more

State-of-the-art Salesforce document generation

Salesforce document generation has made it conveniently easier to process almost any type of document, and your respective documents can also be attached to email from the interface. The client can integrate their forms seamlessly and can instantly generate documents from Salesforce. As far as the merging of documents is concerned, users have much-coveted access to merge PDF and Docx files.

Now, the most sought-after question of the users has also been addressed by incorporating interactive fields or signature fields so that e-signature can be added to the documents. Users also get the option to convert their documents to HTML, PDF, PNG, and Docx. Furthermore, Zero Code is imperative and indispensable for each product that is available on the Titan Platform. That means you are covered from all ends, and the possibility of facing any issue shrinks to nil in no time.

A robust infrastructure that withstands all challenges

When it comes down to infrastructure, TITAN has something formidable in store for its users. The platform is equipped with an impenetrable security layer, data encryption, SSL, etc., and provides increased completion rates with discernable accuracy.

It also provides substantial assistance in boosting your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) engine that paves the way for you to generate reliable and real-time leads. So, in all fairness, TITAN indeed does justice to its name by maintaining its dominance and providing robust solutions.

One of the features that TITAN does take pride in offering its customers is the ability to allow the users to automate their document generation by using Salesforce. These are:

  • Flows
  • Process builder
  • Apex
  • Outbound messages

Both the versions of Salesforce lightning and classic are compatible with TITAN Docs, and the nested data is also supported up to 2N. There are a number of requisite products available on the platform to help you expedite your work and save a significant amount of time. Products in the likes of Forms, Sign, Web, Survey, etc., have propelled the popularity of TITAN in recent years, and it continues to be one of the prominent choices of the clients.


Licensing and captivating templates

Now, the platform has undoubtedly facilitated valuable clients with informative and conclusive solutions that have helped them significantly to grow and conduct their businesses. Large firms that operate with massive document generation are offered custom licensing, which makes the task even easier for such firms and undertakings.

TITAN is relentlessly committed to making it easier for the clients in finishing their paperwork which directly helps them to achieve their respective monthly goals. Furthermore, it provides splendid assistance in completing your daily tasks efficiently. The conversion rates optimization, as well as 150 active mesmerizing document templates, is being counted among the best features of the platform.

The crux of the matter

Your landing pages are ready within a few minutes, which falls under the easy-to-use variety. It has also garnered versatile customers in the likes of Intel, Deloitte, IBM, NBC, UNICEF, etc. These customers have embraced the platform and have already displayed their fidelity to it since the user-friendly platform of TITAN keeps its clients hooked for the long term. Below mentioned are some of the predominant features that are offered by TITAN:

  • Drag & Drop
  • Custom layouts
  • Barcodes
  • Automation
  • Supports E-signatures
  • Conditional logic
  • Seamless rendering
  • Compatible with different formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc

These are some of the prevalent features that make your job way easier to manage and execute tasks with the recourse provided by TITAN. Even when you are impetuous about your tasks sometimes, TITAN will make it look easy and simplify your tasks considerably.

Unprecedented benefits with convincing output

The benefits just don’t cease here since you also get the option to develop or form all sorts of business documents in the likes of Quotes, Invoices, Contracts, and Proposals, etc. You can further generate them as PDF, Xlsx, Docx, among different formats. In addition to this,

The fact that it doesn’t warrant any premeditated knowledge or programming skills to use the platform makes it even more appealing to use. You have the option at your disposal to create the desired number of forms, which can be one of the below-mentioned categories:

  • Contact forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Order forms
  • Purchase forms
  • Online invitations
  • Polls and Surveys etc.

An expansive range of solutions offered

TITAN offers a diversified set of solutions to its clients’ problems and complications should they come across it rarely. The agencies receive assistance in terms of digital marketing, lead generation, business forms, etc. It extends to other professional segments also where the platform offers solutions in terms of health care, higher education, non-profits, HR forms, etc.

Events, fundraising, and donation are among some other prevalent segments of event planning that are also covered exquisitely by TITAN. Hence, the platform is feasible for all kinds of activities that you usually come across every day during the course of your business. With an acute problem-solving approach, TITAN is being favored and hailed as the best Salesforce platform today and continues to deliver when there seems no way.


From providing cutting-edge solutions to seamless services, TITAN has undoubtedly surpassed expectations on every level. The quality of providing dynamic and efficient solutions has only propelled the unprecedented growth of the platform. It upholds the interest of its clients quite impeccably and doesn’t warrant any premeditated knowledge to gain proficiency over it. The trajectory of features that TITAN offers to its clients absorbs almost all the diverse needs devoid of any confusion or complications. Hence, it is a holistic tool to carry out your tasks with utmost precision and saves a great deal of time.

Salesforce document generation and its relevance come to the fore with TITAN, and it explores the necessary tasks seamlessly. You will be missing out on something highly resourceful if they tend to overlook this tool and the benefits it entails. It’s time that you raised the stakes of your work and added the kind of quality that your work warrants.

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