Taskade Review: Remote Team Workspace Software

Working in a large organization can be difficult, especially if your team is distributed. Because it takes a lot of time to gather all the partners by sending them invites by hand, planning and executing a project takes time. It can be exhausting to keep track of every advancement, as it includes many repetitive chores. Often, you’re looking for a means to get rid of all these headaches and make your business run more easily and efficiently.

In this case, a task-management tool can help. It automates the entire company project management process, resulting in an increasing inefficiency. To keep track of the workflow, you don’t have to put as much effort into it because everything is stored in the database nearly effortlessly.

Taskade, an incredibly simple yet versatile business software, Taskade enables online work management and team communication. People and teams can plan, coordinate and monitor work while staying in touch in real-time. Internet, computers, mobile platforms, and Chrome Taskade applications give users an easily available task tool that helps them work more efficiently and achieve their goals.

Working from home, online collaboration and group performance are all being reinvented using Taskade’s software. Taskcade’s aim is simple and clear: to assist teams in completing tasks more quickly and intelligently. Taskade is accessible on the Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac, and PC.

  • To help far-off groups collaborate in one work area, Taskade offers a collaborative project plan list with limitless order.
  • With conversation completely concealed, you can move between screens fast and be fully concentrated. Taskade’s latest version will also include future Calendar View, Gantt Chart View, and other features.
  • Designed for real-time collaboration, Taskade is a powerful tool. Assemble a group of people to work on a project and share it with them.


  • There are over 300 Taskade templates for different workflows, and users can also design their own. Taskade also has a feature of exporting projects to PDFs.
  • Tag management assists you in organizing and arranging activities. Type # to access a list of already existing tags or to form new ones on the go.

manage anything

  • It also has features such as a version history to retrieve or restore earlier versions of project documentation, a visible activity feed of modifications made to the system as well as multi-user synchronization.
  • Plan, arrange and focus on the following assignments in your group guide. Taskade allows you to computerize your work process and convey results. The common Taskade team calendar permits you to see your group’s improvement initially. Assists clients with arranging various ventures for groups and working environments.
  • With Taskade, attaching files to your tasks is as simple as dragging and dropping them into your tasks to upload.
  • To give you more control over your tasks, Taskade has a date picker feature that includes a start/end date and time. Furthermore, recurring jobs now include configurable intervals. You can also connect to Google Calendar for two-way synchronization.
  • You can embed videos from YouTube, Loom, Figma, and other websites. Without exiting the site, you may easily quickly evaluate embedded material.

Taskade is the Best Choice: Why?

  • People all across the world are becoming more connected as technology advances. The globe is becoming smaller as the technological gap narrows. Today, you may connect to someone sitting in a whole different time zone to perform a project.
  • A venture can be made on any subject. Relegate due dates and host live discussions to develop cooperation further. Media resources, for example, photographs and films, can also be transferred.
  • This tool permits you to speak with your colleagues on the off chance that they stall out. For beginners, this capacity is additionally very valuable. This enables them to acquire a more clear thought of the general task since they can see it in 3D structure.
  • You may design your templates using Taskade, which is the most interesting feature. You may take your creativity to limitless lengths. Assists you in establishing your brand reputation and doing everything in line.
  • To use the software, you don’t need any technical skills. It’s easy to figure out what each feature does.

Taskade Pricing

Two options are available on Taskade: Free and Unlimited.

Free Plan Includes

  • Unlimited tasks and projects, as well as
  • Unlimited collaborators,
  • Custom templates and multiple projects viewing options.
  • Free desktop and mobile apps and a chrome extension and data security features are available.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Unlimited Plan: $5/user/month

  • The Unlimited subscription contains all of the services included in the Free plan and sophisticated task management tools like sorting, recurring tasks, configurable repeat intervals, and bulk assigning.
  • It also includes a checker position for team collaboration, logo and background customization, 2-way Google Calendar connection, priority support, bespoke onboarding and training, and a 250MB file upload limit.

Who Can Profit from Taskade?

Any individual who needs to monitor and keep steady over their work and errands would profit from utilizing Taskade. In any case, while Taskade charges itself as an across-the-board coordinated effort device for telecommuters, the product is likewise valuable for people who need to monitor their day-by-day assignments.

Taskade is an ideal tool for Virtual assistants, Podcasters, Bloggers/Vloggers, Small business owners, Freelancers, and many more.

Taskade for Various Tasks

  • Incorporating a weekly planner to keep track of daily tasks.
  • It helps to schedule content for social media platforms.
  • It helps with maintaining a record of projects and deadlines.
  • Directly through Taskade, you can communicate with members of the team and hold conference calls.
  • You can make mindmaps for the latest project concepts.

Final Words

Using Taskade is the easiest way to manage a project or a team. There are no bugs, no need to browse around to create projects or tasks, and it’s easy to categorize and filter jobs quickly. When a team member updates their Taskade status, the app alerts its users.

If you are searching for a quick win that will help you improve your organizational productivity and skills, then Taskade is the tool for you. Using Taskade, you can automate production tasks. You can save time and energy and obtain the best results with the least amount of work. You can do a lot with a small group of people.

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