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Fovitec Professional Photo Studio Lighting Equipment Roller Bag, 44″x14″x10″ with Carry Straps and Handle for Light Stands and Other Accessories

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$179.95 $169.95

$179.95 $169.95

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Product Description

fovitec photography and video equipmentfovitec photography and video equipment

women rolling fovitec bagwomen rolling fovitec bag

Fovitec Travel Roller Bag

Transporting equipment from one job to the next can be a hassle. Between your lights, stands, modifiers, backdrops, and that cable you swear is important but can’t remember what it goes to, there’s a lot to keep track of! Fovitec Classic Roller Bags offer a sturdy, reliable, and affordable option for transporting and storing your lighting equipment. It has easy-glide rubber wheels for smooth movements, which is easier on you and your equipment and makes it the perfect travel case for camera equipment.

When it’s time to carry your gear, this camera lighting bag has three different carrying options for added flexibility, with a retractable handle, standard handle and shoulder straps. Having a versatile equipment bag is convenient and can also be important for your health, as lugging around all that weight can spell serious trouble for your back, shoulders and neck. Protect yourself and your gear with a photography lighting case with the right options.

Product Features

reinforced corners

reinforced corners

easy glide wheels

easy glide wheels

velcro straps

velcro straps

carry handle

carry handle

Reinforced Corners

Rigid sides and reinforced corners keep your gear safe during transport and long term storage.

Easy-Glide Wheels

The soft rubber wheels absorb vibrations and small bumps to help keep your gear safe and ensure smooth transportation.

Velcro Straps

Built-in Velcro straps help keep your gear safe and secure during transport.

Carry Handle

Carry handle and attachable nylon shoulder help you easily transport your bag from one location to the next.

4 fovitec roller bags4 fovitec roller bags

Bring the whole studio!

The Fovitec Classic 44″ Roller Bag is our top seller in the category! The extra internal storage capacity is great for carrying, well…pretty much everything! With nearly two and a half cubic feet of internal storage space, this roller bag for photography and videography equipment has the largest storage capacity of any bag in our lineup! Being able to carry everything from stands and lights to bulky modifiers and backgrounds means you’re never without your favorite gear. Save your back and wallet by using a photo and video equipment carrying case designed for the task.

With this rolling photography gear bag, you can:

Stay organized with custom compartments.Stay flexible by carrying all the tools you need.Stay healthy with less strain or pain from carrying equipment.Protect your gear from minor bumps and scrapes.Keep equipment clean in long-term storage.

This 44-inch lighting equipment roller bag is built to last for easy equipment storage and transportation.

Internal Dimensions

28.5 x 9.5 x 9.5″

36 x 10 x 12″

39 x 12 x 8″

26 x 7 x 8″

29 x 6 x 6″

34.5 x 8.75 x 8.75″

External Dimensions

32 x 11 x 11″

40 x 13 x 15″

44 x 14 x 10″

30 x 9.5 x 9″

30 x 8 x 6″

35 x 9 x 9″

Bag Type

Roller Travel Bag

Roller Travel Bag

Roller Travel Bag

Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag

# of Dividers







Retractable Tote Handle

Shoulder Straps

Reinforced Structure

Lighting gear bag makes traveling with your gear effortless and protects it from damage without breaking the bank
Adjustable organization compartments help you keep track of everything and know where each cable, battery, stand and light goes
Video equipment carrying case has the durability to protect expensive materials from debris, scratches and minor impacts
Gliding wheels on this travel case absorb vibrations and make moving heavy equipment simple
High storage capacity of over 2.5 cubic feet is great for packing as much equipment as possible into your lighting gear bag

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Fovitec Professional Photo Studio Lighting Equipment Roller Bag, 44″x14″x10″ with Carry Straps and Handle for Light Stands and Other Accessories

$179.95 $169.95

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