Kosmo Foto launches Kickstarter for a noir-inspired 35mm 400 ISO black-and-white film stock: Digital Photography Review

Kosmo Foto has announced the release of Agent Shadow, a noir-inspired ISO 400 panchromatic black-and-white 35mm film stock currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

According to Kosmo Foto, ‘the film is made by one of the most famous names in film production, with nearly 150 years’ experience making film and photographic products.’ While the box speed is ISO 400, Kosmo photo shows sample images that have been pushed to ISO 6400 with respectable results.

On the topic of development, Kosmo Foto says any standard black-and-white developer should get the job done and notes there will be an accompanying development table once the film ships. At box speed, Kosmo Foto says the grain is ‘fine.’ When pushed, both contrast and grain increase. As for comparable films, Kosmo Foto says it’s similar to Ilford PAN 400 and Delta 400.

An image of the Agent Shadow Briefcase Box set, available exclusively through the Kickstarter campaign.

‘Agent Shadow is a tried-and-tested emulsion perfectly happy to be shot in lower light, letting you capture life at the dark end of the street,’ says Kosmo Foto. ‘Capture witching-hour cityscapes with glorious grain; shine your lens on night-time escapades without needing the attention-grabbing announcement of a flash. Take portraits in shade and overcast window light. Step into the shadows and find a world in black-and-white just waiting to be documented.’

Below are a collection of sample photos captured with the film:

The film will be available in sets of four, as well as discounted sets of 10 and 20. A €20 (~$24) pledge will secure you an ‘Early Bird’ four-pack. For a €38 (~$46) pledge, you can get an exclusive ‘Agent Shadow Briefcase Box,’ which includes five rolls of Agent Shadow and an exclusive graphic novella titled ‘The 36 Frames’ (illustrated by designer My Mate Does Art), all packaged in a briefcase-inspired box.

You can find out more and make your pledge on the Agent Shadow Kickstarter campaign. The first rolls are expected to ship in October 2021.

Note/disclaimer: Remember to do your research with any crowdfunding project before backing it. Pledges to crowdfunding campaigns are not pre-orders. DPReview does not have a relationship with this, or any such campaign, and we publicize only projects that appear legitimate, and which we consider will be of genuine interest to our readers. You can read more about the safeguards Kickstarter has in place on its ‘Trust & Safety’ page.

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