In this week’s edition of Film Friday, photographer Matt Wright, writing for 35MMC, breaks down everything you should consider before picking a film stock to shoot with. His in-depth guide starts on the technical side of things, wherein he explains the intricacies involved with digitizing negatives and provides examples that highlight how important the scanning hardware and post-processing workflow can be towards getting the best scan.

From there, he breaks down the different characteristics of film stocks and explains how each may — or may not — affect the look you’re going for. Wright concludes by sharing the current paradigm he uses to select a film, which is summarized as:

Step 1: Assess the lighting situation. Pick an appropriate film speed.

Step 2: Assess the lighting situation. If it is expected to be variable or high contrast, I will use Portra. If it will be constant or low/even contrast will choose ProImage 100 or Ultramax 400.

Step 3: If I wont shoot a whole roll of film in one setting, I choose portra 400 to give me some latitude for future use.

Click the link below for Wright’s full article, which includes plenty of sample images and videos. You can also find more of Wright’s work on his website Leica Lenses for Normal People.

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