The Canon EOS R3 is on its way. We know quite a bit about it already, but very few individuals have gone hands-on with Canon’s upcoming pro-grade mirrorless camera. However, several photographers are testing the unreleased camera at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

One such photographer is Atiba Jefferson, a photographer and skateboarder with an impressive list of publications on his résumé, including Slap, Thrasher, Juxtapos and Transworld. Jefferson works and lives in Los Angeles and is a Canon Explorer of Light.

Jefferson is covering the games in Tokyo, focusing primarily on skateboarding, which made its Olympic debut this year. Skateboarding in Tokyo has given us some great stories so far, including a pair of 13-year-old skaters taking home the gold and silver medals in the Women’s Street event. For shutterbugs, perhaps the most exciting part of the competition so far is that Jefferson has shot some of it with a Canon R3.

In a new ‘video’ on his Instagram, Atiba photographed Olympic skater Jagger Eaton grinding a rail at 30 frames per second. Continuous shooting at a whopping 30fps is one of the R3’s highlight features. We don’t know the buffer depths yet, but we do know that the R3 will be able to shoot RAW images at 30fps thanks to its new stacked CMOS image sensor and electronic shutter.

The Canon R3 is an exciting camera for many Canon photographers. With the camera now in the hands of pros in Tokyo, it shouldn’t be much longer before we learn more about the camera, including the all-important info about release date and price. In the meantime, enjoy some more of Atiba Jefferson’s incredible photography from Tokyo.