75W laser for vehicle lidar, with a 120W version in the pipeline

“In recent years, lidar is being increasingly adopted to precisely measure distance and for spatial recognition. For such markets, there is a need to improve the performance of laser diodes to increase detection distance and accuracy,” according to the company.

The 75W laser (90W abs max) is the infra-red RLD90QZW3 which has a 225µm emission width. Power conversion efficiency, whch Rohm said has to be traded against narrow emission width, is 21%. Forward current at 75W is 24A (or 27A, Rohm gives both figures, clarification has been sought).

Forward voltage is 16V and peak emission wavelength is 905nm.

Absolute maximums are: 30A, 90W and 2V reverse voltage. Pulses up to 50ns can be delivered and operation is over -40 to 85°C

Packaging is 5.6mm metal can.

In the pipeline, Rohm has a 120W laser diode for automotive use, which is due to be AEC-Q102 qualified and available from Digi-Key, Mouser and Farnell, amongst other distributors.

Called RLD90QZW8, the 120W diode will drop 16V at 42A and emit at the same wavelength, but over 270μm. Abs maxes will be 50W, 145W and 3V reverse. Again, peak on-time is 50μs and it also comes in a 5.6mm metal can.

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