10 Best Tumblr Video Downloader You Must Try in 2021

We all love to watch videos and let us call that a fact! Be it watching fashion DIY outfits, innovative recipes, or travel documentaries. Video content is not only fun to watch but also more interactive than other content forms.

However, while scrolling through social media, one does not always have the liberty to watch complete videos in one go. This is precisely where Tumblr video downloaders enter. As it suggests, Tumblr video downloaders let you download the video content that you like on the micro-blogging platform, Tumblr.

You can save them for watching later, for sharing it with your friends, or simply because you like the content.  Is there a Tumblr video that you want to show to your best friend? If yes, then there is not a need to fussily scroll through your feed to look for that. Instead, let the following best Tumblr video downloader apps and sites do precisely the task for you.

Here is the list of 10 Best Apps Like Tumblr Video Downloader-:

The Down Video

The Down Video - Tumblr Video Downloader

Downloading Tumblr videos was never easier than with this online Tumblr video downloading site called The Down Video. Completely free of cost, this video downloader is completely hassle-free to use.

That is because here, you neither need to sign up nor download any software or app for downloading Tumblr videos. Instead, this online video downloader allows you to copy and paste the link to the particular Tumblr video that you want to save. Following this, you can simply download your video with a click of a button.

With The Down Video, you can save your Tumblr video in multiple formats and resolution options. It supports SD and HD resolutions and you can choose from 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and more. Further, you can save these videos in mp3 or mp4 formats with various quality options. What makes The Down Video a sought-after Tumblr video downloader is its high-speed downloads.

Timbloader for Tumblr

timbloader - Tumblr Video Downloader

Timbloader for Tumblr is one of the best Tumblr video downloading apps and sites. It comes as both an Android application for your smartphone and as a 100% free online video downloader. This Tumblr video downloader makes browsing and saving your favorite Tumblr videos a seamless experience.

All you need to do is copy the link to the Tumblr video post that you want to download. Then, simply paste the link in the space provided on their website. After this, you will get a link to download that particular video in your desired format.

In the case of the Timbloader Android app, you get the option to download videos directly from within the Tumblr app. For doing so, click on the Share button on the post or video that you want to download. From the options that appear, select Timbloader in the list.

Then, simply click on the Download button to save that video directly to your smartphone gallery. Easy to use and glitch-free in navigation, the Timbloader for Tumblr video downloader is just what you are looking for to save all that favorite video content.


Tyblr - Tumblr Video Downloader

Tyblr is one of the most popular video downloading applications designed for downloading Tumblr videos on your iOS device. Completely free to use, this Tumblr video downloader lets you save your favorite Tumblr videos on iPhone or iPad seamlessly.

With this video downloading the app, you get the option to download videos without quitting the Tumblr app. As such, there is absolutely no need to stop all that scrolling when you discover a video worth saving or for watching later.

Once you download the Tyblr app on your iOS device, you will see a Save button below every Tumblr post on that same device. Now, you can simply click on this button below the post which you want to download. At this stage, the Tyblr app will automatically download that particular Tumblr video to your device. So, if you want to binge on your favorite video content later in the day, then go ahead and let Tyblr do all that saving for you.


GihoSoft - Tumblr Video Downloader

This is undeniably one of the most sought-after Tumblr video downloaders for the desktop which is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It comes in the form of software which you can easily install on your desktop absolutely free. With this software, you can save your preferred Tumblr video content to your computer completely hassle-free in just a few clicks. Further, using this software, you get the option to download videos in multiple formats including, mp4, mov., avi., and mkv. Also, with GihoSoft, you can choose to add subtitles to the downloaded video.

Using GihoSoft is super easy. All you need to do is first, copy the URL of the Tumblr post which you want to download. Then, launch the GihoSoft software on your computer and paste that link in the space provided. After this, choose your preferred video quality, resolution, and download format, and click on the Download button. Your Tumblr video is now accessible directly from your device. With lightning-fast download speed and a lifetime guarantee, GihoSoft makes for one of the best Tumblr video downloader software.

Gabed.net iLoader

iloader - Tumblr Video Downloader

If you are looking to download your favorite Tumblr videos in HD quality, then Gabed iLoader is your perfect companion. With no extra requirements to install any software or app that occupies space in your smartphone. Gabed iLoader allows you to download Tumblr videos simply through a link. Further, this Tumblr video downloader is compatible with multiple devices. Be it Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. If a Tumblr video you would like to save, then Gabed iLoader is the ultimate solution.

This video downloader for Tumblr enables users to save videos of up to 2 hours in duration at rocket-like speed. To download a Tumblr video using this downloader, all you need to do is copy the URL to the Tumblr post which you want to save. Then, paste that link in the space provided on the website and click on the Download button. After this, your video will be ready to watch in mp4 format on your device.

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader - Tumblr Video Downloader

Are you looking for video downloaders that can do away with the disaster of slow downloads? Then, Orbit Downloader is here to fasten that downloading process so that all you need to do is just click a few buttons and sit back to enjoy your favorite video content. Easy to use and extremely intuitive, this Tumblr video downloader can be seamlessly integrated with Internet Explorer. It will automate, speed up and manage all your downloads in an organized fashion. This makes it the perfect choice to save and store favorite videos in one place.

This download manager comes for usage completely free and without any need to install or download. Once you integrate this video downloader with Internet Explorer, you can download videos simply by copying and pasting the video link in their search box. You can even preview the particular Tumblr video which you want to download, before actually downloading it. This Tumblr video downloader also comes as a full-fledged software that you can install on your computer totally free.

DreDown Video Downloader


Do you not like the hassles of installing software or downloading apps on your device? Then DreDown can be your solution for downloading your favorite Tumblr content without unnecessary formalities. With this online Tumblr video downloader, you can save the Tumblr videos directly to your computer device for watching later. In fact, this downloader supports video downloading from other social media platforms as well, including YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and more.

To download Tumblr videos using DreDown is super simple. Firstly, play the Tumblr video which you want to download. Then, copy the browser link of that video and paste it in the space bar on the DreDown website.

Now, click on the ‘DreDown’ button adjacent to the space bar. After this, the video download will begin and you will get it saved in mp4 format on your computer device. With DreDown, you get the assurance of superior quality resolution along with fast and secure downloads. This means that now, you can binge-watch your favorite Tumblr videos just like they are meant to be watched!

All In One Downloader

All In One Downloader

This online video downloader is one of the best choices when it comes to downloading Tumblr videos. Easy and hassle-free to use, this online downloader does not require you to install any app or software that would occupy extra space on your device. Further, the All In One Downloader lets you save your videos in HD quality and mp4 format. This means that you can play your downloaded videos on any multimedia player that is compatible with your device.

Downloading Tumblr videos with this downloader is super simple. Just navigate to Tumblr and copy the link to the video you want to download. Then, paste this link in the search bar of the All In One Downloader website. Now, after you click on the Enter button, your Tumblr video download will begin immediately.

If the video which you are downloading is not in mp4 format, their inbuilt Tumblr to mp4 converter will provide you with the link to download that video in mp4 format. However, please note that this video downloader is not compatible with an iPhone or iPad device.

KastorSoft Video Downloader

KastorSoft Video Downloader

KastorSoft is a freeware website with which you can download your favorite videos from all video streaming and social media sites including Tumblr. Providing unlimited, high-speed downloads, this video downloader comes with an inbuilt video viewer and navigator. What this means is that you can search for the Tumblr video content that you want to download, right from within the KastorSoft freeware. Further, with KastorSoft, you can preview the video before you actually download them.

The KastorSoft Video Downloader software is compatible with usage on both Mac and Windows. Designed to be consumer-centric, this Tumblr video downloader also comes as a mobile application compatible for use in Android devices. Further, using this downloader, you can easily convert videos to multiple formats including, Avi, Flv, WMV., and more.

It also offers a video cutter tool using which you can easily trim the favorite part of your Tumblr videos by selecting a start and stop range. With an intuitive interface and execution speed like that of air, this software is the perfect solution for rapid Tumblr video downloading.

Social Video Downloader


Unlike other entries in this list, Social Video Downloader comes as a Google Chrome extension that can be used to download Tumblr videos. Using this extension, you can download your favorite video content from Tumblr in HD or SD quality in mp4 format. Easy to use and lightweight to integrate with Chrome, this Tumblr video downloader is fast, secure, and does the job seamlessly by saving all your Tumblr videos in one place on your device.

The Social Video Downloader extension is super simple to use. Once you install the extension to Chrome and open Tumblr in the same browser, you will automatically see the Download button on top of every Tumblr video that you watch. Once you click on this button, that particular Tumblr video will get downloaded on your device automatically. You can also use this extension to download videos from Facebook and other social media platforms.


Watching videos is the new way of consuming content online. More than any other content form, videos can potentially make the social media scrolling stop. So, if you stumble upon a video you really like but cannot watch completely in one go.

With these easy-to-use video downloaders for Tumblr, you are covered. Now, you can save those little clips from the platform directly to your device with free, high-speed downloads. And you can do so without losing the video quality.  Now, what are you waiting for? Get binging on those Tumblr videos with some of the best video downloaders that you can find online.

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