10 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Comments (Tried & Tested) in 2021

For gaining engagement on competitive social media sites like TikTok, the first step is to widen your audience. And one of the effective ways to improve your visibility on TikTok is to encourage your fans to interact with you. But for a newbie, it is not very easy to have a lot of followers, let alone have interaction with them. However, several social media marketing agencies have emerged which claim to help people gain the social recognition they deserve. You can buy TikTok comments, views, and shares from these companies to expand your audience on TikTok.

In this article, we have the 10 best sites to buy TikTok comments. Each of these brands is highly reliable and has acquired a significant position in the industry. Keep reading to know more about the brands and how they can help you get noticed on TikTok.


viralyft - Buy TikTok Comments

Viralyft has been in the marketing industry for 50 years. It provides various services for all major social media sites including TikTok. Apart from followers, you can buy TikTok comments, views, and likes from their website. By buying services from this be what and you can expand your reach and make your voice heard by a larger audience.

All their TikTok service packages are budget-friendly and are ideal for newcomers who do not have much to invest in. Over the years Viralyft has succeeded to build solid patronage and has received positive reviews about their service. This shows that Viralyft is highly credible.

Viralyft ensures that every package is meticulously scrutinized before delivery so that their customers only receive comments and likes performed by real TikTok users. Viralyft also provides actionable solutions to its clients regarding their queries and complaints. The company takes punctuality very seriously and delivers its packages within 3 hours of order placement.


Getviral Logo - Buy TikTok Comments

If you are an aspiring influencer, wanting to make a mark on TikTok, GetViral can help you do that with minimal effort. The brand understands that not everyone on TikTok is tech-savvy. It designs its website with a simple user interface which makes it easy for everyone to browse through the packages it offers and to place an order. It highly values its clients and provides

All TikTok services offered by GetViral are designed to be compliant with the TikTok algorithm. You can buy their services for as low as $5. GetViral claims to provide comments and views performed by actual TikTok users.  Its services are designed to enable its customers to gain organic growth with time.

GetViral claims to provide complete support to their clients to help them earn the recognition they deserve on TikTok. It provides round-the-clock assistance. GetViral also offers a free refill if there is a drop in the original number of comments delivered. With their services, your account will have no risk of receiving a shadowban.


 fastlikes - Buy TikTok Comments

A US-based company, FastLikes is one of the leading names when it comes to authentic social media service providers. The company has gained a substantial customer base and is known to provide high-quality services to help its clients gain social visibility.

Apart from TikTok, the website also allows its customers to buy packages for other social media sites too. The TikTok comments supplied by FastLikes are of the highest quality and are performed by real TikTok users from across the world.

FastLikes uses advanced technologies to evaluate all its packages and to eliminate the ones which may pose a risk of any security breach. The company furnishes its clients with high-yielding strategies to ensure that they get to experience the full potential of TikTok.


Viewsexpert - Buy TikTok Comments

If you want your TikTok account to grow fast but are also concerned with security, ViewsExpert is one of the best places to buy services for TikTok. The company also supplies budget-friendly services for different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

ViewsExpert provides its customers with powerful solutions to enable them to expand their audience. It understands that newcomers can find it tough to interact with their clients at the beginning of their journey on TikTok, and thus offers them high-quality comments and likes to help initiate the process.

Over the years, ViewsExpert has built a significant client base. Its previous customers affirm that ViewsExpert provides genuine and risk-free packages and pledges to keep the accounts of its clients safe from possible security glitches.


Socialpackages - Buy TikTok Comments

If you are looking for the most credible service provider, SocialPackages is one of the few sites you must not miss to check out. It has attained long-term experience in the industry. The company provides one-to-one attention to their customers to help them widen their audience.

All their TikTok packages are designed to allow its clients to maximize their visibility. The website interface is very simple to use and it guarantees a smooth user experience. Placing an order with them is extremely easy and you can pay for your orders using flexible payment options. All its services are highly affordable too.

SocialPackages only supplies 100% real TikTok comments that are compliant with the TikTok algorithm. The website is fully encrypted to ensure all information entered by the customers remains safe. It also promises to deliver its packages within just 48 hours of order placement.


Trollishly - Buy TikTok Comments

Trollishly is one of the most significant service providers in the industry who sells TikTok services. It claims to deliver high-quality and threat-free services for TikTok. With their services, you can be assured to experience exponential growth.

The website allows its customers to buy TikTok comments in bulk or small increments according to their preferences. The company promises to offer TikTok comments with a lifetime guarantee with lightning-fast delivery. Trollishly promises 24/7 dedicated customer support to enable people to get to the top spot on TikTok.

Trollishly also offers free trial packs so that you can judge its credibility for yourself. You will not have to enter any confidential details to place an order at the websites. Just your video URL in which you want the comments will serve the purpose.

Tok Rush

Tok Rush - Buy TikTok Comments

Tok Rush is one of the best service providers if you want to be trending on TikTok. The company is proud to have a proficient and highly goal-oriented. It is available 24/7 to offer all kinds of support to its customers.

The TikTok comments offered by Tok Rush start from as low as $0.84. It also allows clients to customize the comment packages according to their needs for a reasonable price. With their unique policies, Tok Rush has gained immense popularity among TikTok creators.

Tok Rush also provides multiple practically designed tools that help its customers build a good follower base and gain engagement on TikTok. Its website has a simple user interface that allows you to place an order as smoothly as you can imagine. The company also had a “No Password Policy”  to keep their customer data secure.



Instadean is often credited as the best one-stop solution for TikTok. The company caters to all kinds of people including celebrities and influencers. It takes extra care to follow all the legal requirements of the TikTok algorithm. With their services, you can be sure that your account is in safe hands.

Instadean has a state-of-the-art system that fast tracks the process of your account growth. You can expect to receive your orders within a few minutes to a few hours. The comments, views and likes the company supplies are highly retentive with no-drop risk.

Its comment packs begin from as low as $6.49 for 10 comments. The website has a custom comments option too. You can tailor your packs according to what your TikTok videos need. It also allows you to custom your comments according to your niche.

TikTok Palace

TikTok Palace

A website created solely to serve TikTok users, TikTok Palace is one of the best places to buy TikTok comments. Though a new name in the industry, it is one of the safest service-providing companies. It provides cutting-edge solutions to its clients to help them enhance their chances to go viral on TikTok.

The website guarantees complete confidentiality to its customers. It doesn’t ask for any personal information while you place an order to ensure your account stays safe. TikTok Palace also allows its clients to create customized packs according to their needs.

Its services are speedy and cost-effective and are designed to help you reach your target audience with minimal effort. TikTok palace also assigns you with your own social media experts who will guide you through the process without any disruption. The website also allows you to track your orders so that you stay updated until you receive them.



InstaFollower is one of the few sites which offers services for all social media platforms, even the lesser-known ones. Its TikTok comment packages are more affordable than most other sites. You can buy a minimum of 20 comments for $0.94.

InstaFollowers composes niche-specific comments to help increase your interaction rate on TikTok. Apart from various preset packs, the website also allows you to buy customizable Comment packages as per your needs. Buying comments and likes from them makes your viewers build the idea that your posts are popular and engaging. This increases your chances to gain organic engagement and go viral on TikTok.

InstaFollowers do not ask for any unnecessary personal information when ordering from them. The website also allows its users to enter their preferred delivery time. It also provides 24×7 live assistance to its clients.

Why Do People Prefer to Buy TikTok Comments?

Likes and comments are the two primary forms of interaction on TikTok. Once your TikTok videos begin to gain popularity you will not have to worry much about receiving comments on them.

It is pretty obvious that if your contents catch the attention of your viewers, they will leave favorable comments on your videos. These comments will help your potential audience know what your videos are about and how engaging they are.

People tend to believe what other people have to say, and when they read the comments will enable you to widen your follower base. But for a newbie in the field of TikTok, it is rare to gain substantial visibility in a short time.

However, you can buy TikTok comments from different service providers to amp up the engagement level on your account and fast-track the process of receiving well-deserved recognition. It is one of the fastest ways to stay ahead of your rivals.

The Bottom Line:

If you have a creative streak, TikTok can be one of the best platforms to showcase your talent and creativity. It also offers you various features and incentives to help you build a successful career. You can create and post engaging videos and earn from them. However, to monetize from your videos, you need to have a substantial fanbase and a high engagement level.

The above-mentioned 10 service-providing sites are known to be very efficient. They provide comments performed by real TikTok users from all over the world to maximize the reach of your videos. You can buy TikTok comments from them and experience the growth you’ve always dreamt of having.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it safe to buy TikTok comments?

Yes, as long as you are transacting with a genuine and trustworthy website, it is completely safe to buy TikTok comments or any other related services. Though the legitimacy of the practice of buying social media services from outside sources is often debatable, it is the fastest way to strengthen one’s online presence. This practice is often preferred by several renowned influencers and celebrities.

2. How do you manage comments on TikTok?

Sometimes followers or random users may leave gibberish and hateful comments on your videos. If these comments keep appearing on your account, you may lose potential followers and even monetization opportunities. However, TikTok allows its users to screen the comments on their content. With this filtering technology, only those comments will appear which you approve manually. This is how you filter your comments:

  • Click on the “Me” option situated at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Once the page opens click on the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • You will find a “Privacy” option. Tap in that.
  • Next, click on the “Safety” section and tap on the “Comment Filter” from the drop-down menu.
  • Two options will appear:
    • “Filter all comments”- Clicking on its toggle to the right will mean the recent comments on your videos will be hidden and only appear when you approve them.
    • “Filter spam and offensive comments”-Selecting this option will hide all the recent comments that may be offensive or spam unless approved.

3. How can I earn from TikTok?

TikTok allows its users to monetize by posting videos. TikTok has also established a Creator’s Find recently which enables video creators to earn, but they are required to fulfill certain criteria. According to their rules, you must be above 18 years of age, have at least 10,000 followers in their account, and should have earned 10000 views in the past month.

You can also earn endorsements from different brands to make money. If you’re good with your social media management, you can even help other creators by Influencer marketing. You can also earn from your fan’s donation.

4. Can I Buy TikTok Followers?

Yes, you can buy TikTok followers for your account. Several websites claim to provide 100% real TikTok followers to their customers. This way you will be able to widen your audience and expand your fanbase. Buying TikTok followers will also enhance your chances to gain high-quality engagement and monetization opportunities. However, you must stay away from phony websites. Buying followers from these scams can fill your account with fake and bot-operated followers.

5. How Do I Fix Shadowban on TikTok?

If you are shadowbanned on TikTok it means your videos are being temporarily blocked from your viewers, either partially or completely. It can drastically drop your performance level of TikTok without any prior warning and you may face a drop in your follower count. This usually happens when your TikTok account begins to behave as spam or if the TikTok algorithm detects inappropriate content on your profile.

However, with a little diligence, you can lift the shadowban from your account and make your content accessible to your audience. For this, you have to screen your videos to identify the ones which may include improper content like nudity, drugs, violence, hate speech, copyrighted music, and fake or misguided news.

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