10 Best Sites for Instagram profile viewer and Downloader in 2021

Instagram profile pictures remain secure on Instagram. Users can clearly see that it is not possible to tap on the profile picture and view the complete picture. It does not work like other social Media platforms or the posts on Instagram. There are specific sites that act as Instagram profile viewer so that people can see the complete profile and download profile pictures. Some profile pictures of the users are interesting which is why people want to download the real picture.

Instagram users can make the profiles private which adds to the issues of the users not being able to find the profile. Instagram profile viewer websites and applications find out the profiles just from the username. Therefore, the hindrance caused by the locked small profile picture is later removed. These websites offer the facility to download profile pictures of the best quality that is properly visible.

Here is the list of 10 best sites for Instagram profile viewer-:



Instagram users can easily use Instadp to see the clear HD picture of the whole profile picture. There is a billion user on Instagram and it is difficult to determine from the profile name the people that the users know. Seeing the profile picture and using an Instagram profile picture downloader will make it easy to detect the person and only allow the known users. This helps maintain the privacy of the private accounts keeping only the known people as a part of the follower base.

Instadp has many features that go beyond viewing the Instagram DP or downloading them. Instagram stories of private accounts remain protected unless the user is a follower. Instadp is a proper website to view these stories and also download the stories. Downloading stories is a good idea because the stories get deleted automatically after 24 hours. This is a great way to keep the interesting stories.

Another best feature is the facility to download Instagram reels. Many users want to try out trending reels themselves. They can download the reels and while creating they can take the help of the reels that they download which proves that Instagram profile picture downloader offers more than just profile pictures. A direct search region is there on the homepage to use for getting the features just by searching the Instagram username.

Private Insta

Private Insta

With a simple website design that even the newbies can try out, Private Insta has many customers of its own. There is a special search engine on the homepage that takes the user to their desired private accounts. Just a 30-second wait time is enough to get the results from searching Private Insta. They have been here for the past 5 years and the positive reviews prove the consistent results from the service.

The commonest features of the website include compatibility, security of the user, and simplicity. Private Insta is compatible with most operating systems including Android and iOS for mobile device users and Windows for PC users. Users just need to provide the Instagram username without downloading any software for the service. The problems with malware are not going to be there due to no downloads. So, the whole process is simple and secure for the user.

Along with these vibrant features, the website does not need the personal information of the people taking the facility. Proper anonymity of the user remains while they are getting the services. There is no limit for a user to search profiles. All these attractive features with the safety net of not facing issues with personal information attract people to use this Instagram profile viewer for private accounts.

Private Photo Viewer

Private Photo Viewer

Private Photo Viewer is a pretty dedicated platform for viewing the profiles and stories of private accounts. They do not make a fuss about the people asking about the reason behind using the service. There is a simple process of just copying and pasting the username and then hit search. This is a website acting as the Instagram profile viewer to users and they can access it without even logging in themselves.

Using the Instagram private account viewer is perfect for those who want to see an account before following them. This profile viewer comes together with a feature of a private downloader that can directly download Instagram stories. Stories are temporary and short-lived shares of Instagram users. It is best to capture the story before the account loses that story. This shows that profile viewer offers the equal chance to view the stories from private Instagram users.

This website as an additional facility offers free Instagram followers from the free trial feature. Users can also buy followers for their accounts in thousands. This website comes with an Instagram plus application download. This application offers the features to download stories, pictures, reels from Instagram along with live videos. Downloading live videos is a special feature in the Instagram profile picture downloader which makes it even more attractive among users. Users download this application for all these features combined together.



Izuum is a pretty common name for Instagram users. They take the security of the users very seriously. This is why they only take little information to contact the user in any situation. Their privacy policy is specially built to keep this data safe from any breach. Website is the only platform and so any sketchy application download is not necessary. They have a special tool acting as an Instagram profile viewer for viewing and downloading the profile pictures and posts.

The download feature is pretty simple after searching the account. Pasting the profile name on the search box is the first step for seeing the private profile. Users can directly download or view the complete image and then download it. In both cases, they need the facility of the profile picture viewer. This easy and fast viewing and downloading are perfect for people seeking this help.

They can also view the posts from their private account while they are searching for the profile of the user. Sharing the username is enough to get the required post and picture downloads. All those using the facility are pretty happy with the results they get from the website. Their privacy and security are like most well-built websites which keep the users and their data safe.


Instadownload - Instagram profile viewer

With the coolest features among all of these websites, Instadownload is definitely the perfect place to get all Instagram solutions. Users can take the help of all these seven features separately. Attractive features begin with downloading profile pictures of the people. The best quality full-size picture from the Instagram account reaches the user with the direct download feature. Instadownload provides anonymity to all those people getting the downloads from Instagram.

The other features include downloading photos, posts, and videos from public accounts. These posts from the influencers on Instagram who have millions of followers will become trendsetters. Downloading these posts can help any creator follow the trend where they can take constant help from the videos. It also offers the chance to download stories and reels directly from even the private accounts through Instagram profile picture downloader.

It is difficult to download stories and reels as they are just not normal posts. All the downloads from here are of the best quality with the perfect audio. But the most unique feature is that people can download the highlights from the account as well as IGTV videos. These features are relatively new which is going to attract people. Creators like the website because of its design where each of the features is present separately.

Insta Looker

Insta Looker - Instagram profile viewer

Insta Looker has three main ideas behind its functions which are safety, security, and a completely legal approach. If the user is concerned about the legal issues, then they must know that the tools of Insta Looker are completely legal. The website is safe for the users because the tool gets updated constantly and is safe from any kind of viruses and malware. The complete tool acts in the form of a two-step process.

Users can check the availability of the account and with the push of the spy button they can use Insta Looker. This secure service is completely safe and free for all. The clients do not need to download any software as all the functions of the tool are from the online website. Access to the private account is easy with these tools where people can see hidden posts on the profile with all the latest updates. This website is easy to use with the results reaching the users in minutes.

So, users can view the posts from private accounts through this Instagram profile viewer within minutes. They need to minutely provide the Instagram username with no errors. As soon as the users start the viewer, the results come in minutes. They can also export all the photos and videos and download these posts from the profile.


InstaDP.net-Instagram profile viewer

This website offers both the features of an Instagram profile viewer and a perfect website to see posts about tips for Instagram. There is a list of the top Instagram users with the highest follower base on the InstaDP.net homepage. InstaDP is an online website that offers easy access to Instagram profile pictures. It is just about copy-pasting the Instagram account name and then click the search button.

After searching for the specific Instagram account users can get the profile picture with all the pictures on the Instagram account. The profile picture is available as a full image in full resolution. There are other pictures and video posts which the creators share on their Instagram profiles. Users can take the help of the Instagram profile picture downloader in this process to get all these images.

It is a great facility to download any of the images that the user needs. The most difficult one to grab is the profile picture. But InstaDP makes it really easy to download that for the best resolution and not in a cropped manner but full form. This attracts people to use the facility first-hand and fulfill their needs.


Fullinstadp-Instagram profile viewer

Downloading Instagram DP is now simple enough for all kinds of accounts. There are special features for viewing and downloading a DP and story. So, any user can check out the specific media that is not generally available to the people who are not followers. These two features are kept separately so that people can get the right service. An exclusive feature is there on the website to list the recently viewed accounts and the most viewed accounts.

Getting profile pictures of both public and private accounts is possible for the users. They can get a full image of the Instagram DP which clearly shows the Instagram user. This image is clear enough and of the best quality which proves that it is a perfect Instagram profile picture downloader. The tool from Fullinstadp directly downloads the full profile picture of the user.

The same is available for the whole stories that the users post on Instagram. Users can view the stories properly even if the account is private or they are not a follower. People can easily download those stories from time to time before it gets removed from Instagram. This feature is perfect for the users who want to keep the stories with them without letting the Instagram creator know.

Watch Insta

Watch Insta-Instagram profile viewer

Every device is compatible with using Watch Insta as the profile viewing and Instagram profile picture downloader website. Users can view any Instagram profile from any of their devices irrespective of privacy level. Access to the private profile viewer is simple enough in this manner. They have special software that helps with Instagram profile views. They always update the software to make the results reach fast and provide easy solutions.

Watch Insta offers plans to download private photos of almost every person. People can go through the media from private profiles. They can export all the media in the form of a zip file and use the one they need from the account. The best part is that the users may not be the followers of the person whose Instagram account they are looking for. They keep testing the software for more updates and improvements on Instagram profile viewer for ease of access.

It is perfect because Instagram users are unable to detect the person who views their account. Therefore, it is simple and effective because of privacy and safety. All these features are present in the software with new features getting added every day. So, the results are going to be fast with downloads of image and text files on Instagram account.


IZoomYou-Instagram profile viewer

IZoomYou always keeps offering new features to the creators. There is a special feature of sorting users according to current requests from most of the searches. Apart from this, top Instagrammer and the latest search from the users are prominent features. IZoomYou also offers the fastest possible search of the Instagram account. This fast search attracts people to look for posts from Instagram.

Starting with the Instagram DP, this website is a perfect example of an Instagram profile viewer website. The plans are really special for the users who want to see the Instagram DP in full form. The features are also available for posts, highlights, and stories that the users send out. Any user can even see these contents from private Instagram users. IZoomYou can provide the facility for all types of Instagram accounts.

As the buyers can download all the posts, stories from here along with a great quality Instagram DP many people take their help. The list of common trendy accounts that people search most helps with getting hold of Influencer accounts. This discovery feature keeps people engaged here.

Final Verdict

Previously it was difficult to get hold of profile pictures of people. These new advanced facilities help the users download the profile pictures of people using the Instagram profile picture downloader tool. Profile viewer websites also offer the chance to view private profiles. As an additional facility, the best profile viewer websites offer the chance to download posts, recorded videos, and more from private accounts. Thus, a complete plan to view the content of the less visible or private posts from the Instagram accounts is possible from these websites.

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