10 Best Auto Paint Shops in Dallas, TX You Must Try In 2022

When you have used your car for a while it ends up getting beaten down. Occasional bumps and dings here and there can end up leaving dents and scratches which can accumulate over time and end up giving your car a bad look. So, if you have been thinking about getting your car fixed and giving it a nice and shiny coat then this list of the best auto paint shops in Dallas is for you. These shops are known for the quality of the services that they provide and are always willing to go beyond and give your car all the care it needs so that you can get the service of a lifetime. So, if you are in Dallas and want to get your car a new paint job then these are some of the best shops to check out.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Auto Paints Shops In Dallas.

Ames Collision Center

Ames Collision Center - Paint Shops in Dallas

Ames Collision Center is a popular auto paint shop and car body shop in Dallas. If you have been searching for the best auto paint shops in Dallas then you can consider Ames Collision Center. These guys are experts when it comes to collision repairs, maintenance services, and paint jobs. It does not mallet the kind of car you have. Whether you have a big jeep or a small hunchback, domestic model or European build the company knows how to handle it.

The shop is filled with skilled mechanics and technicians that know how to fix a car right and get it in running condition in less time. You can always schedule an appointment with Ames Collision Center. The company also entertains direct walk-ins. It loves welcoming its customers to the shop and taking good care of its car in the best possible way. If your car has a dent or scratches or time has beaten it down this is the place to bring your car to.

The shop is located in Dallas so, if you are in or around the county you can surely give this shop a try. The staff here knows how to repair your car and give it a top-quality paint job so that it looks new again. The car body shop market is quite competitive as well. So, any shop has to keep providing top-quality service to ensure that it survives. Once you get your car to them you can rest assured that you will get it back in time and in a condition that makes you feel satisfied using it and is quite safe to drive on the road.

Awesome Auto Body

Awesome Auto Body - Paint Shops in Dallas

Awesome Auto Body has awesome in its name because it provides awesome maintenance, repair, and paint job services. This is one of the best auto paint shops in Dallas. If you live around the county and feel that your car needs a paint job then Awesome Auto Body is a good choice to consider. Also, if your car body is damaged due to an accident or a collision then you can get it fixed here as well. Awesome Auto Body is quite adept at handling situations like this and is an expert when it comes to collision repair jobs.

All the technicians that are hired by the company have the required certifications like the ASE certification. They have I-Car Gold Standard technicians as well. Basically, the company has hired a bunch of skilled people who know their way around a car and can perform services, repairs, and maintenance without any problem. You don’t have to worry about the make or model of your car. The team has enough experience and expertise to handle all kinds of cars, be it a foreign model or a domestic one.

Many people who own a luxury or high-end car are often skeptical about handing their cars over to a shop that they don’t know or trust. But you can trust Awesome Auto Body Shop. This company has all the right equipment and expertise to efficiently and effectively handle luxury and high-end cars and do top-quality maintenance and repair services and provide awesome paint jobs to make the car feel new. So, bring your car to them without any doubts and see them perform an awesome paint job on your vehicle.

Artistic Auto Body and Paint Inc.

Artistic Auto Body and Paint Inc. - Paint Shops in Dallas

Another shop to check out if you want a nice paint job on your car is Artistic Auto Body and Paint Inc. This shop is located in Dallas, Texas, and has a skilled staff that is adept at taking care of all the things related to the maintenance and repairing of your car. If you feel that your car looks old and has scratches and dents then you can bring it to Artistic Auto Body and Paint Inc. The company will understand what you need and what jobs you want to be done and will provide you with a reasonable rate to get a quality paint job and all the repairs that your car needs.

This is not a new shop. It started in the 1980s and has been in business for more than 36 years. The team here has continued to evolve and expand and become well equipped with knowledge of different kinds of situations involving the repairing, maintenance, and paint job of a car. The services that this shop provides include auto diagnostics and maintenance and repair. Your car will be looked at thoroughly and you will receive a comprehensive detailing of what is wrong and what parts need to be fixed, repaired, or changed.

Once everything is decided the company will work diligently to perform all the right operations needed to get your car fixed and ready to be ridden. Artistic Auto Body and Paint Inc. follow all the industry standards. You will not get a shoddy job. All the repairs, maintenance, or any kind of service that you have asked for will be completed on time. The technicians here are all certified to provide the service that they do.

Walker Auto Body and Frame Shop

Walker Auto Body and Frame Shop - Paint Shops in Dallas

The next auto paint shop on our list of best auto paint shops in Dallas is Walker Auto Body and Frame Shop. This company knows exactly how to treat its customers. They provide high-quality repair and maintenance services and are quite skilled at providing quality paint jobs to your automobile. The company started in 1981 and for nearly 40 years they have kept on satisfying one customer after another by using skilled technicians to fix up a damaged car body in the best way possible. The company has standardized its services. Whenever they get a job the team follows 4 steps. These 4 steps are service, quality, technology, and warranty.

By having standardized and set steps to flow the company can provide services of excellent quality and thus satisfying the clients with the result. Only skilled technicians who are certified to work repair and maintenance jobs have been hired to provide top-tier services. Your car will be taken care of throughout the process and in the end, you will get your car back with everything repaired. Walker Auto Body and Frame Shop specializes in auto body paint.

If you feel that your car isn’t looking that good and time has taken its toll on it then this is one of the perfect places to bring your car to. They will cost your car with paint of top quality so that it looks completely new and shiny. The company has a website which you can search for on the internet. You will find a full and comprehensive list of services that this shop provides.

Texas Body Works

Texas Body Works - Paint Shops in Dallas

Texas Body Works is a car body shop in Dallas that offers top-quality services to its customers. The company is very adept at doing any kind of repair and maintenance jobs and is pretty good at handling all the different models of cars. Like many of the other shops on this list, Texas Body Works has been in the business since the 80s. It started in 1987 and has continued to provide high-quality services at a consistent rate.

One way that the company has continued being successful in this business is by ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the job. The company provides good quality customer service and ensures that the job that it does on the car is near perfect and the customer is happy with it. The company believes in evolving continuously. New equipment and techniques are coming out every day which can enhance the job process.

Thus, the technicians keep upgrading themselves so that they can always be at the top of their game and keep providing quality services to the clients. They are also very good and skilled at handling cars both domestic and foreign build. So, it doesn’t matter what your car model is. If you need a new paint job on it or want some collision repair done you can bring it into this shop. The shop is set up in Dallas and if you are in or near the city then this is one of the best auto paint shops in Dallas.

Jose’s Body Shop

Jose's Body Shop - Paint Shops in Dallas

Let’s move on to the next auto paint shop on our list. It is Jose’s Body Shop. This is a popular car body shop in Dallas that provides multiple services to fix your car’s body with results that rival other competitors. The company does high-quality paint jobs to give your car a decent coat to make it look fresh and new. The technicians that work in this shop are quite skilled and know all there is to know about fixing any kind of body damage on a car.

Whether you have been in an unfortunate collision or have just nicked the side of your car the team is very equipped to handle any kind of scenario. They have seen it all and as long as it can be fixed Jose’s Body Shop will fix it. One of the attractive features of this shop is that it can do the job quite well and get your car ready for use in a small time frame. Cars have become a very important part of our lives and if we can get them repaired as quickly as possible the better it is for us.

The team at Jose’s is quite competent in taking care of the customers. You will get regular updates on how the repair, maintenance, or paint job is coming along. The people that have availed the services of Jose’s Body Shop are so satisfied that they often want to come back and use the shop for more repair and maintenance jobs on their cars. So, if you want a good quality paint job on your car and you are in Dallas then this is one of the best auto paint shops in Dallas.

Park Place Bodywerks

Park Place Bodywerks

Another shop that you can visit if you want a paint job on your luxury or high-end car or get it repaired is Park Place Bodywerks. This is a car body shop that has everything required to handle different kinds of car models. One of the areas of expertise of this shop is handling expensive luxury cars. The company knows that your car is important to you and thus, it will only use parts produced by the car manufacturers to replace any damaged part of your luxury car.

Many companies may end up replacing parts of your high-end car with cheap and low-quality aftermarket parts but not this shop. When you come to Park Place Bodywerks you can rest assured that you will only get nothing but the best here. All the repairs, maintenance, service, and paint jobs that will be done on your car will be professionally handled and the result will speak for itself. This company is certified by top luxury car manufacturers.

So, you should know that your car is in safe hands. The company is located in Dallas, Texas Dallas. It also has a branch in Fort Worth as well. Any car which has been in an accident can get damaged. If you want to get your car fixed you need to find a good shop that can handle such jobs.

This shop is a good option. It knows how to restore any vehicle and give it a new life. The goal of the company is to provide you with a service that makes you feel satisfied and happy. Let’s look at some of the services that this shop provides. These include frame straightening, full detailing, structure repair, collision repair, custom paint job, etc.

Hance’s Uptown Collision Center

Hance's Uptown Collision Center

Hance’s Uptown Collision Center provides services related to car body repair. This shop is located in Dallas. It has years of experience in this business and knows everything there is to know about car repairs, maintenance, collision services, paint jobs, and insurance handling. This is the oldest company on this list. It started 65 years ago and since then has provided repair and maintenance services for all types of cars.

Hance’s Uptown Collision Center is also experienced in handling insurance claims. So, if you are in a situation like that then this shop is probably one of the options that you can consider. The shop has a few branches in Texas. You can find a branch in Dallas and there’s a branch in Plano as well. Since the beginning, the company has tried its best to develop a meaningful and healthy relationship with the customers. That way they can gain loyal customers who will return in the future if they need their car fixed again.

So, you can always expect a positive vibe from the staff when you decide to hire them to take care of your car. Hance’s Uptown Collision Center wants to do business with integrity, honesty, and fairness. Whenever you bring your car to them you will get a fair deal. The company will ensure that you understand everything and charge you fairly for the services. There are different kinds of services that you can get from this car body shop. So, visit the website and see what one of the best auto paint shops in Dallas has to offer.

Elite Auto Body Shop

Elite Auto Body Shop

Up next, we have Elite Auto Body Shop. This is a company that works to make your car good again. The technicians working in this car body shop know how to assist a customer and get their car fixed. If you want some collision repair done or want to get a solid paint job to give your car a shiny new coat then this is one of the best auto paint shops in Dallas that you can visit. Once you bring your car to get repaired by the Elite Auto Body Shop you will be able to get your car back on the road in no time.

This is because the technicians have relevant skills and good knowledge about different types of cars. They have the right equipment at the shop to deal with different repair jobs and maintenance services. This makes them do their job faster and deliver the car back during the estimated frame. Due to the top-rated expertise of the staff here the company cannot only accept different kinds of jobs but also deliver solid results that make the client satisfied.

You don’t have to worry too much about the build of your car. Just bring it in and let them have a look. You will be told what needs to be repaired and you can then decide which services you want. If you have a new paint job then that can be done as well. The people here are skilled at performing really good paint jobs that can give any car a beautiful look. So, if you are in Dallas and need your car fixed or painted visit Elite Auto Body Shop

Dallas Auto Paint

Dallas Auto Paint

The last company on our list is Dallas Auto Paint. This company has over 25 years of experience in providing services like accident repair, hail damage repair, and paint jobs. If your car has a dent or a scratch or if you just want a custom paint job or just need a light touch-up to make your car look good Dallas Auto paint can do that for you. The company has been around for a long time and has top-quality modern equipment to provide quality services that will enhance the look of your car.

It accepts all insurance companies. If you just want an estimate of how much a repair job or maintenance service or paint job will cost you can ask the company for a free estimate and they will provide you with one. Whether you are paying for it yourself or your insurance company is handling it for you, it is always handy to know the overall bill beforehand. The company also provides free towing as long as it is less than 50 miles. So, visit the shop if you want your car to look new and shiny.

Final Words:

Getting a paint job on your car can be quite beneficial. It increases the life of the car and makes the car look quite good. This list is in no way exhaustive but we decided to find some of the best auto paint shops in Dallas and bring them to you. If you are in Dallas and want to get a shiny new coating of paint on your car then choose any one of these and you won’t be disappointed. All the best.

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